The Sport of Judo

Jigoro KanoJudo comes to us from the fighting system of feudal Japan. Founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, Judo is a refinement of the ancient martial art of Jujutsu. Dr. Kano, President of the University of Education, Tokyo, studied these ancient forms and integrated what he considered to be the best of their techniques into what is now the modern sport of Judo.

"Judo was introduced into the Olympic Games in 1964 and is practiced by millions of people throughout the world today. People practice Judo to excel in competition, to stay in shape, to develop self-confidence, and for many other reasons. But most of all, people do Judo just for the fun of it." (Quote from JudoInfo.com)



The MSU Judo Club

The MSU Judo Club was formed in 1960 by the head instructor, Jay Kim. His and his students' dedication to the sport have allowed MSU's dojo to be one of the top training facilities in the nation. We have had the resources and graceful volunteers to host many tournaments including 2 Collegiate National tournaments. 

When Mr. Kim retired in 2000 Mr. Tom Sheehan took on the responsibilities as head instructor.  Mr. Don Flagg became the assistant head instructor. Their active support within the club and support to judo has made our club a great place to work out and learn. MSU currently has 2 judo classes per semester which supplies continuous growth to the club.